Angular Speakers

These people support the Angular community by giving talks and presentations.

Darryl Brown

Darryl Brown 

Manchester, UK

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You can read more about the talks I’ve given here.

I’m happy to give talks anywhere in the UK.

I prefer giving talks in person (I haven’t tried giving talks via Skype – yet!).


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Joshua Godi

St. Louis, MO, USA


Software Architect at Bullhorn.

Open to speak at any Angular meetup both in-person or remotely. 

I have a bunch of presentations that I have given in the past, just reach out if you need a speaker and a topic that you would like.

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Robin Böhm

Berlin, Germany

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I’ve founded the AngularJS.DE Community 2012, Wrote a book about Angular 2013/14, did many Talks on Conferences and Meetups and run a company that does Angular Trainings in the Germany with 16 trainers.

So I’ve got tons of talks and workshop material that could be used to teach people more in angular at community events.

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Kim Maida

Ann Arbor, US

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I’m an Angular Google Developer Expert and work remotely for Auth0 as Manager of Community & Technical Content at Auth0. I’ve been developing with Angular since AngularJS v0.8.

I have written numerous technical tutorials on Angular and also speak at conferences worldwide.

I organize the Angular Ann Arbor meetup and I’m passionate about teaching and learning from the developer community. I can be found on Twitter at

Organising a meetup takes a lot of effort. Finding speakers can be hard. You can help by submitting your details so that other organisers can find you.